Weird thing #1 about Deutschland: lack of support for local pop bands

Everything you heard from Lonely Planet and countless American and British travelers about the loss of nationalism in Deutschland is plain wrong. The German people have a quieter way of expressing their patriotism, and for the good old jingoists among them this can often be quite passive-aggressive, given their reserved manner. For the most part however, they are like people are everywhere else – they have pride in German everything, and the sense of German nationalism is well and alive. For these people, the constant reminders of WWII are unfair and get tedious.

The hostility toward non-Deutsch speakers in this country, while lower than what you would face in France, is still far higher than what you would see in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The Germans themselves tend to speak better English than their neighbouring nations, and that is a tribute to their education system as well as the controllability of the population (the nation decided at one point that they would need to speak English to remain competitive, and so they all learnt it with sincerity).

You will have waiters being very rude to you for not speaking Deutsch but with Katy Perry’s drunken voice filling the restaurant, you find yourself exchanging amused glances at your colleagues instead of getting annoyed. I found it very unnatural though, that this country with so much linguistic pride, would not support local artists more. Yes there are the folk songs at Oktoberfest and there is a small group of pop artists who are getting noticed. But you would be forgiven for expecting a lot higher share for German songs on radio, bars & restaurants, and in living rooms than there exists.

But hey, all countries have something that’s hard for outsiders to understand….

But enjoy this very German moment at the Allianz Arena

[EDIT: Sorry if it does not play. Apparently I cannot even play a video recorded in a public event on my phone, presumably because the music company OWNS that particular artist. This site is not monetized, so go figure.]

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This was a live performance of a Deutsch song by Andreas Bourani at Allianz Arena, with the Bayern members of the World cup winning team. It was only a pre-season practice session, but look at the tremendous pride in the audience, and the unreal crowd. I believe 65000 people showed up for an understated celebration (we in India would have brought the roof down with bollywood stars and a 4 hour long extravaganza).

Covered in glory and adulation, was this maybe the best Bayern and best German football teams of all time? I don’t know, but it was a truly great team and knew to soak it up while it lasts!

The original Bourani video:


Enjoy these popular songs of recent times out of this country…


From Cro, a very popular song a couple of summers ago