Ok, I never have been and never will be a poet. But this post, for some reason came out as a poem. I think of it as a kind of encryption. Maybe because these are somewhat private thoughts even if recognizable ones, and also maybe because I wanted it to be brief, it had to come out this way. Thank you for reading!

Faces and names, nations and fames

Matter over mind, in the old world


Races and games, further we part

The miseries I know, do consume your heart

We travel together, but the closer we get

The more you pine for an older time


The cream of the room, did cede his own

But I had no fear, to yield my soul

Trial by ire, trial by fire

We stand yet, with our own


I learnt from a child, to seek for more

And the thoughts that made, the men we are

I know the folly that broke a heart

Rue not the toil, for it was how we knew.