I am surprised to see this article on Time magazine. This fact is of course very well known in the developing world – that rich countries pay for the UN budget and poor countries put up the soldiers for peacekeeping missions.
Of course, national militaries themselves want some of this to continue because the peacekeepers do get paid. However, the travel, increasing threat of death and kidnapping, and in some cases the overcommitment of scarce material resources like helicopters have strained the ability of developing countries to keep up this arrangement.
After all, it is no longer mutually beneficial. Developing countries do not get a voice at the UN for all their contribution in human resources. Nor are the financial and materials contributions from rich countries any longer sufficient. It won’t be very far into the future that India starts pulling back UN peacekeeping missions in favour of taking limited action on their own for select causes. The only reason this hasn’t happened yet is the country’s commitment to the United Nations that is genuine and deeply felt be it among the foreign service or politicians or general public.