Month: September 2014

Soldiers From Poor Countries Have Become the World’s Peacekeepers

I am surprised to see this article on Time magazine. This fact is of course very well known in the developing world – that rich countries pay for the UN budget and poor countries put up the soldiers for peacekeeping missions. Of course, national militaries themselves want some of this to continue because the peacekeepers do get paid. However, the travel, increasing threat of death and kidnapping, and in some cases the overcommitment of scarce material resources like helicopters have strained the ability of developing countries to keep up this arrangement. After all, it is no longer mutually beneficial....

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Why Botham merely brings to light England’s compulsive self-righteousness

Says the original Sirji He said that the tournament provided the “perfect opportunity for betting and therefore fixing” and on the subject of corruption also called on the ICC to do more to expose the “big names” involved. “I’m worried about the IPL – in fact, I feel it shouldn’t be there at all as it is changing the priorities of world cricket,” Botham said. “Players are slaves to it. Administrators bow to it. “How on earth did the IPL own the best players in the world for two months a year and not pay a penny to the boards who brought these players into the game? Source: Cricinfo Pictures speak a thousand words. See the gleam on his face when standing right in front of a pile of CASH tossed at ECB’s face by another great knight, the then SirAllen Stanford. And er… Peter Mores was lurking around just outside the frame of this particular pic And yeah the guy in between is Giles Clarke…. around when these people were happy to @+#%* out English cricket.  Corruption anyone?  Check this out Where Stanford is….. For all this, it was very funny to see the same English journos give a pass to their establishment as having been naive. Whereas what they were was greedy and jealous, and simply had it coming. The people who were naive were the WICB and...

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