Month: January 2014

Ben Gurion didn’t recognize Israel as the nation state of the entire Jewish people – West of Eden Israel News | Haaretz

Ben Gurion didn’t recognize Israel as the nation state of the entire Jewish people – West of Eden Israel News | Haaretz. I liked this position, because it is a reasonable, patriotic position from an Israeli point of view. In general this is about the right way to view the rights of foreigners in your country vis-a-vis people who may have emigrated to other nations. It always surprises me a bit to learn about the sometimes more moderate views of Israelis in the 90s and before because the Israel that we’ve seen in the past deade and bit doesn’t come across as a particularly tolerant nation. Maybe we can hope that just like Ahmedinejad’s exit paved the way for Iran’s improved relations with the west, Netan-Yahoo’s exit some day will do the same with the east for...

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Sandy beaches or pebble beaches?

After Fiji, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, San Diego, Mexico,… I was pretty sure that this was a no brainer. Of course sandy beaches win hands down. But my first afternoon at Zlatni Rat made me reconsider this for just a bit! Some more snaps here! This was total family fun. The pebbles are of course tough on your feet if you’re barefoot for too long. But this wasn’t stopping any of the kids. Or adults for that matter. Especially when your feet are well protected with the right footwear. Or of course, you get horizontal and start swimming quickly. I never really got over how clear the water was. Of course because there was absolutely no sand at...

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Censorship alive and well at Huffpost

I wrote the above (in response to this article) after I tried posting a critique of the article. I don’t have the text with me but it started out basically saying the article was poorly researched. Then keeping the word limit in mind, I picked a single topic to rebut, which was the security barriers. It got nixed. Then I tested by posting the above little comment, which didnt see the light of day either. Two more attempts were made yesterday without success – PURELY to understand exactly how poor Huffpost has become. See comments to this article for the final successful post...

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