Jacques Kallis, take a bow. Retiring when your team is still number one, your country wants to select you for every big series, and you look in awesome touch seems to be a generally good plan. He leaves as arguably cricket’s greatest ever allrounder, tied with Sobers. With batting stats better than Sachin’s and bowling stats identical to Zaheer’s this is one amazing performer.

As opposed to how some others managed this retirement thing. Looking at you, SRT. Admittedly, hindsight is 20 20, but what if the Cape town classic had been the last SRT test innings…. was the 200th test cap really worth the pain of repeated failures he went through in the past three years? That ton three years back happened to be his last one, India was #1 in both tests and ODIs, and SRT could do no wrong.

Still Sachin certainly clearly has one up on Swann on this particular contest. When your team is being painfully manhandled by the boys down under, team mates are running back home due to the stress would NOT be the right time to retire either. At least the Indian legends had the ability to grit it out and pass on the baton  with some kind of a plan in mind.